Pain ManagementHere at Lindenbrook Dental Care, we are dedicated to helping our patients control pain.

Pain can occur in many places in the mouth: teeth, gums, tongue, jaw, root, and palate.

We will work quickly to diagnose the cause of the pain and provide pain relief.

Cavities are the most common reason for tooth pain. When cavities go untreated, the infection can have an impact on the nerves, making them susceptible to pain and sensitivity. Impacted and abscessed teeth are other common causes of pain.

Sore jaws from grinding or clenching can cause pain as well. This can occur at night, while you are sleeping, so you may not be aware this is happening. We can identify if this is the issue by examining the condition of the surfaces of your teeth.

Jaw disorders or an improper bite can be a source of pain for many. They can cause sleep disorders, headaches and neck aches.

Whether you need a procedure, appliance, or restoration we will work with you to address any immediate issues to manage your pain quickly.

Based on your specific dental treatment needs we may prescribe analgesics or use anesthetics or general sedation to relieve your pain during dental treatment. At-home care may include taking medications, applying ice packs on the affected area, avoiding hard candy and ice, and sleeping on your stomach.

If you have any questions about pain control or are experiencing mouth pain, don’t hesitate to contact us today at (810)733-8202.