what are Invisalign trays and are they for meMany people, particularly teenagers, view receiving braces as a rite of passage. While few people are born with perfectly straight teeth and even fewer people have their adult teeth come in perfectly straight, this doesn’t mean that patients are stuck with receiving braces. While many people view braces as a social nightmare that makes the teeth hurt, Invisalign is a relatively new treatment option that may offer people an alternative to braces. It makes sense that people want to know more about Invisalign before moving forward. Anyone with questions about this new orthodontic treatment for straightening teeth may find some helpful information below.

Invisalign is Named for its Appearance

Invisalign is a step up from braces because it relieves a significant number of the social issues that high school kids are concerned about. While braces are metallic devices that are obvious in the mouth, Invisalign does not cause this kind of stress. They are specifically molded to the patient’s mouth and moves the teeth using its clear, see-through, plastic structure. Because it is made of clear plastic, it is invisible in the mouth, thus the name. Patients who are worried about the social implications of braces may find the this treatment a suitable alternative to traditional braces.

Invisalign Does Not Cause Any Pain when Eating

Another frustration that many people have with braces is that they cause pain when they eat. Braces move the teeth using wires. Periodically, these wires need to be tightened to encourage the teeth to move. This creates the sore feeling that people feel, particularly when they eat. Invisalign does not cause any pain because people can take these trays out when they eat. Removing these trays also means that they are easier to clean than braces are. While people need to floss and brush between braces, the trays can be removed from the mouth and cleaned in this manner. Anyone who would like to avoid the pain that comes with eating with braces or the risk of cavities forming under braces should consider this option.

Invisalign Moves Teeth Faster than Braces

When this new treatment first came out on the market, the idea of periodically removing the trays while eating and cleaning them created a worry that they would not move teeth as quickly as braces. In fact, the reverse is actually true. For many patients, Invisalign will move their teeth into a proper position faster than braces will. While some people may need to have braces on for years, people can wear their trays as prescribed by an oral health professional and watch the magic happen. While many high school students stress about the social issues created by having to wear braces for years, Invisalign provides a faster alternative.

Overall, Invisalign provides a number of benefits that people may find effective. Despite these benefits, it is always important for people to meet with an oral health professional to discuss all of the options for orthodontic work. By meeting with an oral health professional, patients can find the right treatment to meet their needs. Invisalign may be one of the alternatives to traditional braces.

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